Your automated smartphone and tablet security analysis solution.

Discover how to improve your mobile security

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A simple scan to improve your security.

Key benefits


Obtain a diagnosis in just a few minutes.


No device requisitioning, no application installation, no MDM enrolment and no manual intervention.


You don't have to be cybersecurity expert to use it.

Respect for privacy

No access to user's personal data, solely technical files and logs.


A better way for your mobile safety.

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Shindan is a simple, fast and effective “Made in France” solution for securing smartphones and tablets by identifying their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

The solution benefits from the expertise that RandoriSec has been building up since 2017 on attack techniques as well as inforensic analysis techniques for mobile terminals.

It is a desktop application which can perform an analysis by connecting the equipment to be analyzed via USB, or remotely, without the need for physical presence of the equipment to be analyzed.

The solution supports iOS smartphones and tablets up to iOS17 (Android version coming soon).

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Vulnerable? Compromised?

Shindan brings you the answers.


Indactor of Vulnerability

Shindan quickly identifies vulnerabilities and provides recommendations in order to strengthen the security of business smartphones and tablets.


Indactor of Compromission

Shindan offers an in-depth analysis to detect malware and spyware that could extract sensitive data from your smartphone or tablet.

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A better way for your mobile safety.

Shindan Home UI

Use cases

Analysis before your trip

With our quick analysis, Shindan ensures that your smartphone or tablet is properly secured before your business trip. The report puts your mind at rest by confirming that all necessary precautions are in place.

Analysis after your business trip

After your trip, Shindan detects any compromission on your smartphone or tablet. If a threat is detected, Shindan will give you a set of recommendations, enabling you to react promptly in order to protect your data.

Recurring analysis of your fleet

Shindan provides an overview of the security status of your whole fleet of smartphones and tablets through periodic analysis. A high level of security is maintained for every device, no matter the number or the whereabouts of the devices.

Detail but also accessibility.

A summary and a detailed report

Following the analysis, Shindan provides you with the following:

A one-page summary of the results, with an easy-to-interpret score.

A detailed report including a timeline of the compromissions and vulnerabilities detected, technical details of the elements analyzed, recommendations.

The summary and detailed report will serve as guidance in your next steps towards the strengthening of the security of your smartphones and tablets.

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