Shindan - Mobile Forensics

Shindan - Mobile Forensics Project by RandoriSec #

Shindan’s goal is to improve the world’s mobile security, by providing tools and knowledge for mobile security professionals, researchers and enthusiasts, but also average users.

The current knowledge base is a step towards this goal, and we hope it will help you in your journey to mobile security.

What is Shindan? #

Shindan is a Japanese word that means “diagnosis”.

The Shindan tool is an application to audit a phone security, in order to detect potential indicators of compromise (IoCs) or indicators of vulnerability (IoVs).

Why Shindan? #

Use Shindan to :

  • assess your devices security, and detect potential vulnerabilities, before they are exploited by attackers.
  • detect if your device has been compromised, and if so, react appropriately.